Lecture and seminar by Prof. Dr. Brandt

A journey into the brain - neurobiology up close

The advanced biology course successfully deepened its knowledge of neurobiology in Ahaus and got a taste of university life. At the invitation of Ms. Hußmann-Herden and in cooperation with the advanced course at the comprehensive school, our students were able to take part in this study day on the subject of dementia. Prof. Brandt from the University of Osnabrück first gave a technical presentation, similar to a lecture on the neurological basics of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

This was followed by the practical - here the pupils were able to microscope preparations of embryonic stem cells and differentiated cells made by students. Preparations of Alzheimer's mice could also be viewed.

The final part was the research seminar, where Prof. Brandt presented the current state of research to the students and put it up for discussion.