Visit to the Gronau rescue station

First hiking day in the 2023/2024 school year

On the initiative of Ms. Westermann, all 6th graders were able to take a trip to the fire and rescue station in Gronau as the centerpiece of their hiking day. Many WvSG pupils cycle past the station on their way to school in the morning and always see the men in blue outfits standing in the stairwell. "What are they doing there?" was one question. The answer was: a service meeting to hand over the 24-hour service from the previous day to the current shift.

In a day room of the fire department, all classes were first given a general and interesting introduction to the tasks of the fire department. Of course - rescue, extinguish, save and protect! The pupils were also asked whether they knew what the requirements were for an emergency call (speaking of 112).

The 6s were of course practiced in asking and answering W questions. So no problem at all!

Who is calling?

Where didthe accident happen?

What happened?

How many casualties are there?

and then ??? absolutely WAIT for further questions.

After a tour of the premises with all the recreation, office and material rooms, we finally went into the large hall with all the bright red fire engines, which were really well cleaned J. Wow, what there was there: so many different vehicles with all the hoses, foam for extinguishing fires, a so-called reel with hydrants and hydrant wrenches, scissors and a spreader....

It dawned on the pupils that it is a very demanding task to handle all this equipment in full gear in a dangerous situation. Respect for our firefighters and the employees of the rescue station who provide this important service for our city and are always ready for action.

The classes 6a-6d of the WvSG say THANK YOU for a great and informative morning at the fire and rescue station in Gronau. (Nol)

Here are a few vivid impressions: